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Go Behind The Scenes Of Zedd's 'True Colors' Release Parties [Video]

After a highly innovative and immersive promotional campaign, ‘I Want You To Know’ producer Zedd’s sophomore album, ‘True Colors,’ was finally released on May 18. The culmination of the ‘True Colors’ campaign took place in the Empire State Building in New York, where a dazzling light show graced the city from the top of the iconic skyscraper as 200 lucky fans celebrated the release of the album inside.

Zedd surprised his guests with a special acoustic performance of the album’s title track, playing on piano as vocalist Tim James crooned for the audience. Check it out below:

When talking with ABC News about the album and future directions of his music, the 25 year old producer said “I think as long as you keep music emotional and real and honest, it can, you know, anyone can like it, and that’s what I want, I want to push boundaries, I don’t want to sit in a little box, I want the box to be bigger everyday.” Zedd’s recent pop-crossover collaborations with Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have shown the producer is looking to appeal to a wider audience, and the new album only furthers this notion. "This album specifically for me was important to make a statement, to show people that my heart is just music, no matter if it's rock, rap, electronic music...I tried to combine every genre possible."

Watch the full recap with ABC News below:  

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