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EDM.com Spotlight

Madeon Reveals How Daft Punk Influenced His Live Show

The 20-year-old French music producer and young prodigy, Madeon, will be taking the stage at Mysteryland festival in New York this weekend and recently opened up to MTV about some of his earliest festival memories including Daft Punk’s legendary performance at Coachella.

“One of my earliest festival memories is when Daft Punk performed at Coachella,” he states. 

Madeon explains that, “Everyone was super excited about what they were gonna do, it ended up having such a meaningful impact on dance music for years to come. So that’s the first name, as a child, that stuck out with me.”

Check out the video interview below:

Madeon fulfilled that childhood memory by eventually getting to play Coachella in 2012. He also shares some of his thoughts on how he feels the scene has changed today, and how he thinks festivals should stand out more. Madeon makes a great point on why it's important to incorporate more live stages, interactive DJ acts, and also art pieces into a festival to help capture that impact Daft Punk made with their 2006 performance.

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