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EDM.com Spotlight

Steve Aoki Talks Workout and Diet Regimen, Stem Cell Research

The life of a superstar DJ may not be as easy as people think. While many fans believe that DJs revolve around clubbing, drinking, and drugs, that often is not the case. Long nights performing at festivals or clubs often turn into early morning flights to the next tour stop, and often, these artists are traveling across the country to hit several cities in a single month. When artists aren’t touring, days are spent in the studio, working on perfecting the next single, EP, or album. There’s no denying that these long days on the road, or in the studio, are often taxing on an artist’s health, and many truly successful artists adopt strict diets, or workout regimens to stay in shape.

Perhaps no one is more suited for the late night lifestyle than Dim Mak head honcho Steve Aoki considering he traveled to more than 50 countries over the course of 300+ days in 2014. Even Aoki, who is known for his wild stage antics, has to keep an eye on his health. In an interview with Billboard while promoting his third album, Neon Future II, Aoki sat down to discuss his strict diet and fitness plan while he is on tour.

To stay in shape while on the road, Aoki does a mix of CrossFit-style workouts, typically high-energy and high-cardio workouts that keep the body guessing. A good diet is often just as important as a strict workout regimen, and as Aoki explains, “It's about less sugar intake. When you're on the road and walk into a convenience store, all you really see are bad carbs taking up 95 percent of the shelves. I try to have the promoter take me to local organic restaurants. I also quit eating red meat and pork -- I stick with fish and vegetables.”

In addition to his CrossFit workouts and diet, Aoki spends roughly “10 minutes a day realigning my mind and body. I do a mental scan from the tips of my toes up to the top of my head. I'm also doing a vocal rest once a month. It's difficult, but it forces you to make time for yourself.” Even if this chaotic life of travel takes a toll, the superstar DJ has a plan, as Dr. Terry Grossman has banked a number of his stem cells so he can “look as young as Martin Garrix one day!”

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