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EDM.com Spotlight

David Lee Roth Of Van Halen Explains Why EDM Is Everything

Who would have ever thought that the mega rockstar and vocalist David Lee Roth of Van Halen would be a fan of contemporary dance music? In a recent interview, he revealed that he only listens to dance music, and anybody who knows him knows that he doesn’t listen to rock n’ roll in his free time. 

He also explains that he listens and pays attention to Beatport and what is happening on the dance floor, which brings up the question if he would ever do a collaboration with an EDM artist. Last Sunday, Roth performed at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas and snag cult classics such as “Dance the Night Away” and “Panama” and it's great to see another name in the rock scene be so in touch with what is going on in the dance music world. 

Much like the collaboration between The Doors and Skrillex, we can only hope to see more classic rock artists bridge the gap and get on board more with some of the titans of EDM. The possibilities are endless.

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