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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Debuts A New Track During His Electric Daisy Carnival NY Set

Bassnectar debuted a new track during his set at Electric Daisy Carnival New York this past weekend and it has the sub-frequency fiends clamouring for an official release. The bass heavy producer announced via twitter that he had 17 new tracks that he was just finishing up, and there’s a good chance that this may be one of them. He announced to the crowd “This is brand new, first time right here!” before dishing out a heavy dose of low-end madness on them. The crowd went wild as the drums kicked in and the wobbles blared against a backdrop of hypnotic lights, and it bodes well for all the bassheads eagerly awaiting the new material’s release.  

Check out the video below of his set at EDC New York, and if you just can’t wait to preview the new track then skip ahead to 5:20 where it starts. 

[H/T: DancingAstronaut]

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