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Paul McCartney Plays Proto-Electronic Song Live For The First Time [VIDEO]

Paul McCartney (you know, the guy who plays guitar on that Rihanna song) performed his proto-electronic song "Temporary Secretary" live for the first time at O2 in London Saturday evening. The song, taken from his 1980 album McCartney II, is notable for featuring a prominent arpeggiated synth pluck that runs throughout the track amidst the Beatle's signature vocal delivery. 

The whole song has a very odd vibe to it due in part to the discordant electronic elements as McCartney sings about his short-term need for a secretary. While David Bowie and Pink Floyd had already beaten him to the punch on mixing electronic elements into their rock n’ roll outings, McCartney’s legacy as a true rock superstar with everlasting influence on pop music no doubt cements the tracks status as a precursor to the advent of electronic music.

Check out the fan-filmed footage of McCartney's performance below:   

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