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Mt Eden Discusses New Music Video, Remixes EP, And The Road Ahead

New Zealand-born and Brooklyn-based electronic music duo Mt Eden is finally releasing the official music video for their track “Distance Kills” with Nolita Knights, along with a diverse remixes EP featuring Liquid Stranger and Beach Season on Ultra Records. The vocalist on the tune comes from the land down under, offering a unique Australian-meet-indie pop influence that injects listeners with a chilling melody and evocative vocal work that won’t be escaping your mind anytime soon.

In the past, Mt Eden has put out a heavier dubstep sound that we get from “Distance Kills,” although this atypical release is the first of many to come from the duo. As they explained to EDM.com, there is a lot to look forward to from the duo from forthcoming collabs to the score to a Marvel film. Read our full interview below:

What is the background story behind the track "Distance Kills?”

Nolita Knights was first introduced to us by our manager. We listened to their music and we heard the vocals for “Distance Kills” and we were instantly moved. When we wrote our initial version of the song we were on one of our first tours in America and we were feeling quite homesick, missing our families and friends, so the lyrics really resonated with us. This was two or three years ago. Since then we wrote maybe six different versions of the same song and finally reverted back to our first version more or less. I guess we subconsciously wanted to recapture those feelings from the time it was written.

What was the process like working with Nolita Knights on the track? 

When we approached Nolita Knights about the song it was already a complete composition. As big fans of their music we initially approached it as a remix. We had been writing original material for a while and wanted to go back to making a few remixes. We loved all the instrumentation of the original song, but by the time we had finished writing our version of the track, the project had taken on a whole new life. Our label and management thought the track was a great representation of who we are and the sounds we are best known for. Nolita Knights were so happy with the final piece that they encouraged us to release the track as an original single in its own right, and we decided to make it the first single off our No Mans Land EP. The other singles we have lined up are probably going to be more unexpected for our fans so we decided to lead with this one and we felt like it followed up well from our last EP.

How did you decide to visually illustrate the background story into a music video?

There was actually an existing video for the track when we approached them about it. Our final version of the track was so different from theirs that it no longer fitted with the video they had made. So we worked with our friend Annie, an editor/director friend of ours and “remixed” the original video to fit our track. 

Why did you choose Liquid Stranger and Beach Season to remix "Distance Kills?” 

We have been huge fans of Liquid Stranger for a while now. Its been a goal of ours to work with him and we thought his signature sounds would be a great mix with what was already in the track. And we were stoked with the result - Expect to see us working with Liquid Stranger some more in the near future! As for Beach Season, they were actually new to us and Ultra reached out to them on our behalf. Their remix is quite unconventional in the best way possible and the creativity of it really stood out to us. We try to release listening music, not just partying music and this remix hits that sweet spot right in between. We’ve been loving future bass music lately and it has definitely influenced our newer productions. 

How do you feel their re-imaginations of "Distance Kills" impacted the song as a whole?

We are all about our fans so incorporating Liquid Stranger and Beach Season into the Distance Kills package made alot of sense to us. One one hand you have Liquid Strangers’ bass heavy dubstep remix - sounds our fan base will be familiar with and something they can get down to when we drop it at our shows. On the other hand, Beach Season’s remix caters to our fans who love more laid back, lush, chill music. There are two sides to Mt. Eden - We love lush, textured, epic, soulful anthems and we also love bass-heavy, aggressive, technical music. It's a hard task, but our goal is to sit right on the fence between the two. By incorporating both Liquid Stranger and Beach Season into the release I think we ticked all the right boxes!

What does Mt Eden have in store for the road ahead?

We have so much unreleased music it has become kinda ridiculous. We finished and signed off on our latest No Mans Land EP about 4 months ago. At this point in the year, we will be releasing the second and third singles, one of which is entitled “Stronger.” After that, we’ll release the full seven-track EP. We can’t wait to get it out there! Its been a while since we released our last EP and we wish we could have got this one out sooner but we are really happy with the finished product and that is the most important thing. The features for the EP include Polina, Digital Farm Animals, Omar Linx, Anna Yvette and more.  

Following the EP, we are thinking of dropping a whole lot of unreleased material and calling it The Lost Tapes or something along those lines. There is a ridiculous amount of music we are going to put out. We have started making a slew of new remixes and we are working on collaborations with some of our favorite artists too - Vaski, Blackmill, Father Dude, Charlotte Haining, Maya Payne and too many more to name. We’ve also been scoring film for an upcoming series for a Marvel character. We can’t talk about that one just yet but that project is a major part of what we are heading for in the future.

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