EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Take a Trip ‘Round The World’ With The Brig’s New EP

Batten down the hatches, because when The Brig comes sailing through your zip code with the Round The World EP, you crazy bass pirates will be breaking out your best dance moves right and left. Considering that his Bring It On EP hasn’t even been out for a full two months yet, it makes it all the more impressive that this notorious swashbuckler has already returned with another jaw-dropping release.

Containing four tracks total, this versatile production highlights an incredibly healthy mixture of genres and sounds. Whether it’s his two original compositions or the two diverse remixes, staunch supporters of EDM will find themselves beyond satisfied with the end results. Not to mention that outside of Savant, The Brig consistently designs some of the most intricate bass music compositions in existence. Which is a trait any listener can learn to appreciate.

The smashing title track revolves around The Brig’s raw and gritty dubstep side, whereas “Puppet” has much more of a melodic drumstep feel to it. As for those pesky remixes, Tut Tut Child and AB THE THIEF both contribute some absolutely outrageous “Round The World” revisions. Adding their own hard electro and trap twists respectively, these skillful producers diligently restructure the original version.

Pick up your copy of the Round The World EP here, and hop aboard The Brig’s pirate ship.

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