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EDM.com Spotlight

Hardwell And Afrojack Announce New Collaboration

When great minds come together to fuse their talents, the product can be a beautiful work of art, so when the world's #1 DJ, Hardwell and "Hey Mama" co-producer Afrojack announce a collaboration, there is no doubt that the end result is set to be a chart topper. 

The pair worked together back in 2008 on their first collab "Let The Attack Begin" (below) and now with better resources, a more developed knowledge of production and polished signature sounds, the new collaboration will undoubtedly feature those EDM-certified pummeling drops and mainstage-ready melodies that we know all too well. 

While there are no further details on when the collaboration will be released or even finished for that matter, EDM fans can rejoice as it's looking certain that this collaboration is set in stone. 

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