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EDM.com Spotlight

Martin Garrix Talks Dream Collabs, Documentary And New Album Details [EXCLUSIVE]

Say hello to Martin Garrix, the 19-year-old Dutch DJ/producer taking the dance music industry by storm. Electronic dance music fans often identify Garrix with his 2013 festival anthem “Animals,” but it's his raw talent that has aided his rapid rise. With assistance from dance music phenomenon Tiësto, Garrix has had the opportunity to be mentored by the elite and collaborate with massive talents including Dillon Francis, Ed Sheeran, Afrojack and many more.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend at Electric Daisy Carnival New York, EDM.com got a moment with the young and talented Garrix to discuss his career two years down the line from his initial burst onto the scene.

EDM: Starting off with the recent NCIS: Ibiza trailer, we are all wondering, were the test results for the glow sticks conclusive? What were you testing for exactly? 

Garrix: I was actually testing to see how long the glow sticks would last until they stopped glowing, but I didn’t find the answer because I was unfortunately murdered.

EDM: “Don’t Look Down” featuring Usher proved to be a big success with your fans. What was it like collaborating with an artist such as Usher? 

Garrix: Working with Usher has been one of the highlights of my career so far. I love Usher, he’s a legend and I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time. To be able to work with him and have him sing on one of my house records was really for me, a super cool experience. It was cool to be in the studio with him and see his different version of music. We both come from completely different genres, and to be able to combine our tastes, our visions, our sounds, it was interesting yet also super inspiring.

EDM: You finally released your collaboration “The Only Way Is Up” via Musical Freedom Records with Tiësto. With him being such an influential member of the dance music community, what is the best advice he has given you throughout your rapid rise to fame within EDM?

Garrix: Tiësto’s advice is to never listen to the haters and only focus on the positive stuff, which is why we named the track “The Only Way Is Up.” After “Animals,” some people were like its just one track, why is he playing all these big festivals with just one track. I told Tijs, I was like dude, why are people so mean on the Internet? He told me I shouldn’t even worry about it. He was like, look at all these big shows, you sell out all these big venues, and they love all your music they love “Tremor,” “Gold Skies,” and for me that really helps a lot. Music-wise he helps me a lot, I can send him any track and he’ll give me feedback, tips and advice. Tijs is one of my best friends in the entire music industry right now.

EDM: Avicii released “Waiting For Love,” a track you co-wrote/co-produced featuring Simon Aldred. How did this track come about?v

Garrix: Avicii is the most talented producer I have ever worked with. He is so smart, always thinking about the next step. Like he doesn’t create dance songs, he creates stuff anyone can listen to. My mom, my grandparents can listen to it. It’s very catchy but still very unique. I’m not featured on “Waiting For Love,” but to be able to have worked on the track with him was a pleasure for me and to combine our forces together was interesting to see how we work together.

EDM: Who is your wildest dream collaboration? Do you see yourself producing different genres in the future?

Garrix: Michael Jackson, totally Michael Jackson. But I already am moving onto producing different genres. I am working on stuff for movies, like I did a track for 22 Jump Street. We’re doing a lot of K-pop stuff for the big pop stars and songs. But I like to keep it in the background as Martin Garrix is my main focus. We are definitely experimenting and trying out new ideas.

EDM: Let’s talk about the documentary with Steve Angello and David Guetta. How is that coming along?

Garrix: It’s gonna be fun. It’s not necessarily about me, it’s about the entire genre, like what David [Guetta], Steve [Angello], and I have done to the industry and what I can still do it. They’ve been into this for 10-15 years, much longer than me. I came onto the scene three years ago like hey guys, I’m here! In comparison to them, they obviously know so much more stuff about the industry. Its cool to see different visions and perspectives on our view of the scene, and we’re all very excited for the documentary because it shows what the genre stands for. Its all about music, happiness, love and respect for the industry.

It doesn’t only show my side or their sides, it’s also about techno and underground music; they hate the mainstream house, the entire genre gets overexposed. But that’s the cool thing. My mom and grand mom will be able to watch the documentary and understand it more because right now it’s a gray area for a lot of people. I’m so happy to be a part of it. Carl Cox and I play the main roles, he is awesome. We have two totally different points and to combine our minds was a cool experience of its own.

EDM: Finally, can you tell us anything about your forthcoming album? Where are you in the process as of now?

Garrix: I’m working very, very hard. Probably won’t be released in 2015, but the thing is, there are so many songs that I’m like, oh I’m gonna put this on the album. And then I make more music and I feel like it’s better than the other song. Right now I want to have around 12 songs on the album, so far I’ve made like 45. It’s a challenging, interesting process but it’s a lot of fun. In the meantime, with my live shows like tonight, I’m gonna premiere a lot of new material that could or could not make the album. If people are following me with my shows or online, they will be able to hear the new stuff.

You can check out new music from Martin Garrix in his EDC New York set below.

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