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EDM.com Spotlight

Avicii Reveals 360-Degree, Interactive Music Video For 'Waiting For Love'

Avicii has always had a knack for representing his music in visually stunning ways. Now, he has flipped the script for the video release of his latest song, "Waiting For Love," which was co-produced by Martin Garrix and featured uncredited vocals from Simon Aldred.

The track's music video is a pared down performance by a group of people jumping in and out of doorways and performing their individual routines. But here's the catch: These dancers encircle the camera, and you get to control which way it's facing.

From the moment the video starts, there is a controller in the upper left that allows you to watch the show from any view you wish!

This fresh presentation is a preview of what is to come. While the music video is admittedly simple, it highlights what will be possible in the future. One can only hope other artists are inspired by Avicii's presentation and take it to new levels (no pun intended).

We can't wait to see what's next!

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