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EDM.com Spotlight

Cazzette Drops New Deep Single "Together"

Cazzette is at it again, and this time they're coming back with a track that is sure to grooving no matter where you are. The Swedish duo partnered with Spotify to release their new and deep track “Together” featuring Newtimers, and it's sure to hit radio stations worldwide.

This jazzy, funky number is an instant mood booster, capturing the essence of those good move grooves that only new love can bring. Strong, soothing male vocals introduce the track, which are quickly swept up into the melodic line. The build is solid, but still teases the listener as multiple drops lead into funky break downs, rather than huge drops one might expect. The trumpet adds a jazzy touch to this danceable and celebratory track.

“Together,” featuring Newtimers, is part of a future of Cazzette’s forthcoming EP, Desserts, which is due out August 14. If this single is anything like the EP, we can be sure that Cazzette will continue to meet and exceed expectations.

Listen to Cazzette: