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Didrick Remixes Fall Out Boy's "Uma Thurman"

We know - you haven't followed Fall Out Boy since high school. However, Didrick's remix of the rock band's recent hit, "Uma Thurman," is enjoyable regardless of your preconceived notions on the band. Didrick's take on the track features entirely original production, merely borrowing Patrick Stump's vocals for this rendition. It's future bass at its finest, and nostalgic too.

"Uma Thurman" opens with a mellow trap beat before quickly spinning into a hyper breakbeat-build that breaks into an intensely melodic drop, joined later by speedy high hats and dreamy, modulated vocal cries. As the ride comes to an end, Didrick's piano progression gently takes the song to its close.

What Didrick produced with this song turns the original on its head. It's catchy, and bound to make you smile. Check it out out for yourself:

If you dig this track at all, see what else Didrick is about. He has developed some signature sounds while interpretating them in a variety of genres. He's worth checking out - you won't be sorry.

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