EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

MMBLR Releases Unique BitTorrent Bundle Including New EP and Software Instruments

Ever since artists such as Flying Lotus and Shlohmo broke the mold for the "typical" producer template, musicians from all over the world have gone on to carry the torch of experimental beat-making, and today we see an astounding collection of artists both new and old who are pushing this unique, conceptually-driven style of sound. New York City has always been a hotspot for this style of production, and one artist by the name of MMBLR is taking his productions to new heights.


As the first artist to release on the newly-establish label Safari Riot, MMBLR's newest EP We Are One is a 5-track journey through soundscapes that defies genres and incorporates moods, atmospheres, and textures in place of the rudimentary arrangements we often hear today. Released via BitTorrent Bundle, the EP is accompanied by a unique package he's created called Song Instruments. Unlike other EP packages that include the stems or sample packs, MMBLR has created his own interface through the plug-in Kontakt to give producers the ability to recreate his sounds, modify them, and include them in their productions.

You can download the entire BitTorrent Bundle here, and be on the look out for more creative work from this talented up-and-coming producer!

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