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EDM.com Spotlight

Is Running Touch Australia's ZHU?

If the mysterious Australian producer Running Touch has a goal to cause a buzz in the dance music world, then it has worked out gloriously.

If you’ve been following him on Facebook, you’ll notice the minimal amount of information on his identity is made up for by the breathtaking samples of his acoustic work, electronic productions, and cover songs. Despite having never performed live under the Running Touch alias, this elusive artist has managed to sign himself a major record deal and is creating a live-show that reportedly draws in "elements from every aspect of both electronic and acoustic music."

As a finalist in Ed Sheeran and Warner Music’s ‘Road To Discovery,’ Running Touch is encapsulating a sound that draws somewhere in between that of Chet Faker, Rufus, Disclosure, and Ed Sheeran himself. 

The vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, pianist, producer, and novel writer was discovered in a known heavy metal band, and has only been producing short of a year under several known aliases that are apparently still 'yet to be revealed.' While most artists have a focus on creating music alone, Running Touch has gone on to further intertwine art and music, creating a story stretched and rounded around the corners of genres and sounds.

In an interview with EDM.com, Running Touch revealed the plans for his coming releases:

“A semi-fictional novel in which is still being constructed makes the foundation of my music, all of my songs briefly pair with respective parts of the story, and as each release airs, I plan to release the digital story alongside. Further, the story certainly does not stop there. Parts of the story will also be found in my alias concepts.”

The progressive, collective venture acts as an antidote, injecting holistic ideals of art into the norm. Just as Slipknot succeed most with their unnerving imagery and crazed word play, and Gorillaz for their warped, wayward soundscapes.

Running Touch is a forward-thinking, innovating artist more than just a musician alone. Bringing a new concept of dance music that incorporates testing, contentious tactics and an in-depth twist on reality into his music, his mission is to "change the way the world think of dance music by defying genres and breaking the boundaries of what is considered to be normal."

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