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EDM.com Spotlight

7 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Your Parents To EDM

EDM fans today are now experiencing a similar shift in music culture as our parents did when genres like jazz, rock, punk, hip-hop, and more came into the mainstream. With such eye-opening advancements in the distribution, show production, and the sound itself, we'd be lying if we said we didn't want to share these heightened experiences today with our parents, too.

There are endless reasons to introduce your mom or dad to electronic music (unless they're hip to listening to it already, then good on them), so we've highlighted some of our favorite reasons that really make the journey worthwhile.

1) EDM is in TV, movies, radio... It's everywhere!

There's no escaping it at this point. From radio hits to tv commercials to movie soundtracks, many of us can't even go a day, let alone a few hours, without hearing the recognize-able four-on-the-floor or breakbeat sounds of the biggest DJ/producers in the game today. Certain movies have gone as far to hiring these producers to score their films, and it's almost expected to hear a dance music track in a new movie. Bringing your parents into the realm of EDM will help increase their cultural presence in the same way it has for you. Just imagine your mom recognizing that new Bassnectar track on TV or in a movie.

2) EDM is perfect for dancing and working out.

What's not to love about a perfect four-on-the-floor beat or two-step rhythm when trying to break a sweat? Any experienced raver knows that you can get a full workout (and then some) while at a show or festival without even thinking twice. At the gym, unless you bring your iPod/iPhone stocked with your favorite jams, you're stuck listening to some beefhead's Metallica album that's been stuck in the CD player for the last four months. EDM is based on a BPM system, much like your heart, which means pre-planning your workout playlist is easy as 1,2,3,4.

3) There's hundreds of covers/remixes of classic tracks.

Convincing your Pink Floyd-obsessed dad to get into EDM is easier said than done. Lucky for you, there are bridges that have been built to help ease the transition. The beauty of EDM is the variety of bootlegs, remixes and edits of classic songs that have made their way into regular rotation, each breathing new life into these older classics. Start 'em off slow with bootlegs or edits containing familiar lyrics and riffs before moving your way into the bass-heavy madness we live for each day.

4) You can bond over something you love.

There's no greater joy as a parent than watching your child enjoy life to the fullest. For EDM fans, this joy is cemented directly in the music, as mantras like PLUR and "living in the moment" are preached and emphasized in lyrics and progressions across every electronic genre. Finding that medium between you and your parents is invaluable, and EDM is renowned for providing that "glue," whether it be via playlists on long road trips or adventures to your local venue to catch your favorite artist live.

5) Parents can teach you a thing or two about partying.

Coming from a kid who went to his first two shows before the age of one, I'm a bit biased in the belief that parents know a thing or two about partying. However, it's incredibly rare for any adult in this day and age to have never attended a show before, so it's safe to say that your parents have had their fair share of late night partying at one of their favorite artist's performances, as well. Their veteran perspective on "getting down" is gold for any raver, and since this isn't their first rodeo, they might even be able to show you the ropes in the right setting.

6) Live shows today are exponentially bigger and better.

If either of your parents were lucky enough to attend Woodstock back in '69, they might be able to give you the lowdown on the event's "premier" stage production. The sky-high wooden structures, artwork and stages were a feat for all festival at the time, but technology has rapidly progressed since then. Now, we have full multimedia experiences that include LED screens, pyrotechnics and high-definition lasers. Many non-millennials are still trying to wrap their heads around the Tupac hologram from Coachella in 2013, so just imagine the look on their faces as they watch Amon Tobin's ISAM project or Skrillex's multi-dimensional mothership...

7) If you're lucky, they might buy (or split) your ticket.

Ticket prices have risen to ridiculously high prices in the last year, with concert tickets averaging between $30-$60 and festival tickets exceeding five times as much. This can be an increasingly heavy burden on anyone, especially when working on a post-college, entry-level budget, so any extra dollars help. This shouldn't be the ulterior motive behind bringing your parents into EDM, introducing them to major events such as EDC and Ultra might encourage them to not only buy their own ticket, but help pay for yours as well.