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EDM.com Spotlight

These Headphones Are Customized To Music Tastes, Take The Quiz To Discover Your Soundscape

The kind of music we listen to says a lot about our individual personalities - whether we appreciate the slight variations in music production or the deep penetrating sounds of bass, it’s important to the avid music listener to take in their favorite sounds at the highest quality possible. Now, those seeking to amplify their favorite music can do so according to their genre tastes thanks to Axel Modular.

Check out their revolutionary headphone designs in the Kickstarter video below...

Axel Modular's groundbreaking Soundscapes concept is based on the fact that variations in structure and design influence the tone of the music. Electronic and bass music lovers will likely be drawn to their "Deep" soundscape headphones. You can find your soundscape using Axel Modular's app, created in conjunction with The Echo Nest, which can analyze your Spotify activity in order to determine which of the three speaker designs suits your tastes best.

Back the Kickstarter for these innovative headphones here.

[H/T: Consequence of Sound]

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