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Dr. Fresch Unveils Melodic New Remix of Jason Burns' 'Lightweight'

When the Portland-based visionary Jason Burns teamed up with the majestic singer/songwriter Sarah Winters to release "Lightweight" via Love and Other, there was a certain magic in the air that couldn't be ignored. Their seemingly effortless collaboration possessed a unique blend of R&B and future bass elements that was unmatched in previous releases, and it demonstrated a different side to Burns and Winters' musical direction. They accompanied their collaboration with an acoustic edit of the single, along with a select number of remixes from a talented batch of like-minded producers.

Amongst these producers is Dr. Fresch, and his take on 'Lighweight' has been exclusively released through the artist collective Echelon. This remix goes into new territory for the future house and G-house-centric artist, and the doctor injects a rolling and melodic deep house vibe that just screams "summertime chill-out anthem." You can listen to his exclusive release below:

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