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Owner Of Former Camp Bisco Venue To Sue New York County

The Camp Bisco music festival had a rocky history with its previous venue in Mariaville, New York. It escalated to the point where the event was forced to go on hiatus in 2014, but the festival is making a comeback in 2016 as it moves to a new home, a venue in Pennsylvania. The owner of the previous venue, Frank Potter, now wants to take the county of Schenectady in New York to court, citing the county's unwillingness to put on events in the area. 

According to Potter, he and the county worked out a potential plan to bring the festival back this year, but Camp Bisco organizer and band The Disco Biscuits chose to relocate to Scranton, Pennsylvania due to the expensive costs of the proposed plan. Potter fears for the future of other events he organizes in the county and believes that the county is actively trying to prevent any large-scale events. 

Camp Bisco will return on July 16-18, 2015. Festival goers and fans can get excited for the return of the festival and the new location by checking out the lineup reveal below: 

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