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EDM.com Spotlight

Woman Jailed For Making Small Fortune Selling Fake Tomorrowland Tickets

A 23-year-old from the UK worked with her mother, Tina Bowers, to trick over 300 people into making purchases, printing off confirmation slips with invalid bar codes and providing fake wristbands for entry. The funds were funneled into Tina’s account first and then transferred to her daughter Charmaine's account. 

Using fictitious friends and even false social media accounts to counter accusations of fraud from unhappy buyers, Charmaine went to great lengths to keep their story and scheme alive. Most of the victims were those lacking an exorbitant income who were simply looking for a cheap way to attend the show.

Charmaine is being charged with six counts of fraud and sentenced to two years and three months in prison, while Tina is being charged as an accomplice and sentenced to 29 weeks in prison as well as 150 hours of unpaid work. While this mother-daughter con duo pays the price, you can enjoy your freedom and get excited for summer with the live sets from the 2015 inaugural Tomorrowland Brasil below. 

Cover photo via tomorrowland.com

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