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Listen To Dillon Francis' Brand New, Mind-Blowing Remix

Zomboy’s signature sound of murderous dubstep is entertaining live, to say the least. What is just as entertaining is Dillon Francis both as a person and as an artist, so it comes as no wonder that his remix of Zomboy’s single “Nuclear” is all sorts of awesome. Francis perfectly blends moombahton with the aggressive dubstep sounds of the original track, making for an unbelievably energetic remix. Hearing this live is going to bore holes in your soul and leave you wondering what more can come from both of these talented producers.

“Nuclear” is the first single off of Zomboy’s latest LP, “Resurrected,” and he couldn’t be happier that Francis was open to remixing the track as noted in a recent Billboard article. "I'm so glad I got Dillon on board for this remix as it needed that special touch to bring it back into the current sound," he said.

Francis was just as stoked about the single, noting how fun it was to produce this remake. "I was dancing around in my studio the whole time I was making it. I hope that it does the same thing to people who hear it at festivals and clubs or in their bedrooms or in strip clubs or during a threesome or when you're washing your car or when you just wanna have some quiet time alone but not too quiet you know?"

For such a joker, this 'twerkbahton' remix of “Nuclear” seriously brings the heat.

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