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EDM.com Spotlight

Black Tiger Sex Machine: The Road to 100k

100,000 fans is a big milestone for any artist. Whether the achievement happens in a few months or a few years, it is impossible to deny that the hard work, perseverance, and skill involved in reaching this title is well-deserved. For Montreal-based trio Black Tiger Sex Machine, the road to success has been packed with fervor and amusement, but it sure hasn't been an easy one. From their diverse beginnings in the mid-2000s, to the launch of their brainchild label Kannibalen Records in 2011, to the achievement of reaching 100,000 followers, group members Marc-Andre, Julien, and Patrick have demonstrated that they are a force to be reckoned with in bass music and EDM as a whole.

The history of Black Tiger Sex Machine is greatly intertwined with that of The EDM Network, as the Montreal-based trio first found support on the network through the Dubstep.net platform. Ethan Baer, CEO of EDM.com, notes:

Before Kannibalen Records was launched, Marc-Andre, Julien and Pat came into the Montreal EDM.com/Dubstep.NET offices to show us their plans for the label. The clear objective was to make it a genuine family, and to have an incredibly thorough and beautifully illustrated storyline that helped to maintain a strong and relatable brand image. Every artist had a distinct character, and a thematic part to play in the greater story arc - the thought and effort that they had put into plotting the course of the label was frankly outstanding, and I think that vision has come to life with striking clarity over the last 3 years.

After that fateful coalition, the relationship continued to build strength over time, with balanced support from both Black Tiger Sex Machine and The EDM Network. Today, the bass-heavy trio stands as leaders of a bass movement that is unrivaled in dance music today, and their roster of talent is as unique as the sounds that they're known for. From the vomit-step styles of Snails and Apashe to the house-driven mayhem produced by Lektrique and Karluv Klub to the forward-thinking conceptions by Dabin and Haezer, the eclectic selection of bass unites as one in the Kannibalen tree. When asked the key to their label's success, BTSM member Marc-Andre states:

It's simple: family. The label isn’t just a company; it’s a group of friends who want to change the world. Snails, Apashe, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Dabin, Lektrique, Kai Wachi, Karluv Klub, Haezer, Dead Battery, Seek N Destroy, etc… we’re all really close and even though we don’t all live in the same city, we all rep Kannibalen and we all want to bring the Kannibalen show on the road. Our relationship with the EDM network is similar. We need their platform and they need our music, but the relationship goes beyond that and is built on friendship. We respect each other a lot and we try to meet up on the road whenever possible.

The communal support between parties has ultimately culminated into the co-release of BTSM's new single "Numbers," which is debuting via Kannibalen Records and The EDM Network label. The hard-hitting electro track is coursing with the trio's signature demonic bass synths while being perfectly mediated by its euphoric bridges and breakdowns. Bass-heavy house music fans and Kannibalen followers will see a true development in the group's sound, and the track can be heard in full below.

Today, both BTSM and The EDM Network family are attached at the hip, and their relationship is becoming even stronger by the year. Throughout their history together, from co-hosting events in Montreal back in 2011 to the co-release of BTSM's new single, the alliance has developed far beyond music and business - it's a family matter. When asked about the state of their relationship, Julien jokes:

Jason and Ethan are a bit like an old married couple but they don’t realize it. We were in Aspen together before a show and Ethan wanted to go back to his hotel room to work; Jason wanted to come with us straight away to the venue and Ethan got all emotional and pouty. It was really cute insight into their relationship.

All jokes aside, BTSM, the Kannibalen team, and The EDM Network have an impenetrable tie that is built upon integrity, talent, and perseverance. The future is bright for all of the parties involved, and we can't wait to see where this wild journey together takes us.

Check out a teaser to the latest project coming from the BTSM and Lektrique - Temple.

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