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EDM.com Spotlight

The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers Vol. 5

This week’s installment of The EDM Network’s Most Known Unknown Photographer’s takes us back to the states for an in-depth look into the work of Taylor Layne of Taylor Layne Photography.

Going through his official website, there is no doubt that this guy is a professional, having taken what was a hobby and turning it into a full time gig in 2012 with no stopping. He works with a number of production companies and covers events all over the West Coast. Taylor has captured the likes of Ookay, ETC!ETC!, Diplo, Brazzabelle, Thomas Gold, Feed Me, and more. When you compare what his older Facebook albums captured to the clientele he has amassed since his beginnings, it becomes a clear testament to how far this Taylor has come in his work.

Taylor doesn’t just shoot for particular artists; he also has quite the presence at many EDM shows, having attended LED Presents events and Jack Yo Lantern, for starters.

His versatility to caputre such intense production along with the quirky culture of EDM shows make for timeless, artistically comprehensive documentation of the events he covers.

Part of what I really appreciate about Taylor’s efforts is the fact that he makes better use of hashtags than many other photographers who use captions simply as titles, instead of using it as a way to mark their territory within metadata. In particular, Taylor has claimed the hashtag #tlaynephoto and #letscreate2015, which are associated with a total of 455 pictures combined.

One can also appreciate how Taylor keeps it in mind to capture subtly intimate facets of enjoying a show through both the fan and artists’ perspective.

It is quickly apparent that Taylor works closely with BRKLYN, having shot a number of their shows and even capturing moments of their studio sessions. Visually documenting behind-the-scenes actions of artists is such an invaluable way to connect fans with their creative vision and feel included in the artist’s growth. The angles some of his shots really pull you into the session itself, making the viewer seem like they are right in the studio too.

Taylor's talent is indisputable, and having already seen this much success earlier on, there is no telling what the future holds for him.

Cover Image via Taylor Layne Official Facebook

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