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EDM.com Spotlight

New Smartphone Case Charges Phones With Nothing But Air

Sick of your phone always dying at a festival thanks to the painstakingly poor battery life of your smartphone? A new technology developed by Nikola Labs allows users to charge their phones without having to use electricity or adaptors. Sounds near impossible, doesn't it? Here's how it works...  

This new revolutionary phone case empowers devices to last all day and night by harvesting energy from your smartphone's "ambient radio frequency (RF) signals and wirelessly convert that energy into direct-current power."

To demonstrate the process, Nikola created a phone case that takes the 97% of wasted energy from your smartphone - like the energy a phone uses while connecting to data and cellular networks - and turns it into power to charge your device. 

While the case won't stop your phone from dying completely, it will improve battery life by around 30%, which could just be enough to capture that last epic set of the night on video before your phone decides it's had enough. 

The startup tech company is gearing up for a Kickstarter this summer, promising a much closer look at the hardware that would be a total game-changer for any smartphone user. 


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