EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Join Adventure Club On Stage At Their Biggest Headlining Performance Of The Year [Giveaway]

UPDATE: A winner has been named. You can purchase tickets below:

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Headlining Red Rocks Amphitheater, outside of Denver, Colorado, is a right of passage for artists ascending into the top tier of elite entertainers. In a long overdue performance, Adventure Club is making the trek out to the Mile High City for an explosive night of bass and beautiful scenery.

To celebrate the event, EDM.com teamed up with Adventure Club to bring you the opportunity to experience the show directly on the stage. Tomorrow, Wednesday May 6th, EDM.com will be hosting a scavenger hunt and one lucky winner will get the chance to invite a friend to have the Adventure Club experience of a lifetime.

To win, follow the clues provided on EDM.com to the four unique checkpoints. Once in the correct location, take an Instagram photo with the checkpoint in the background, tag @EDM & @AdventureClub and use the hashtag #AdventureClubRedRocks. When your Instagram photo is favorited by @TheEDMNetwork, it means that the next clue is available on the website and you may pursue. Only one winner will be selected, and the winner is required to have pictures of all four clues to qualify.

Good luck!

Clue #1

As they left the Mile High Airport, forty miles and an entire city separated Adventure Club from Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. The van’s passengers were quiet until they reached the western border of Denver and the airline’s complimentary beverage service began to weigh on the young performers.

“We’re not going to make it,” begged Christian.
“Yeah! we need to stop,” confirmed Leighton, while lightly sweating out beads of desperation.

Christian climbed to the front of the eight passenger van where the large windows exposed a stagnant landscape of chewed up hills that sat afoot a mountainous horizon. The blood orange sun was nearing the day’s finish line, yet holding on to its last remaining hours of the afternoon.

“There is an amusement park a quarter mile down the road that we can stop at,” affirmed the driver.

The van continued to roll westward on highway US-40 for what seemed like an eternity to the DJs. The road was oddly comatose like still water in a pint glass, and the only noise that stretched the vast landscape was the van cutting through the wind. After a few minutes, the driver pulled into a half empty parking lot. The passengers hot stepped off the van and rushed toward the park. A free-standing map directed them towards the restroom, and they went about their business.

From inside the restroom, they could hear a commotion stirring out in the lot. Aggressive chanting reverberated off the ceramic tile and a curiosity came over the gentleman. They finished and stepped out into the open air to identify the source of the uproar.

An angry congregation had settled on the parking lot and was making loud noise over the volume of certain electronic performances at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Leighton inquired with a button-decorated elderly couple that exclaimed with great conviction: “We’re blocking the traffic from here to the Red Rocks. The kids are just going to have to miss their disco tonight. It’s only a hour and a half long march if you’re up for it.”

“Dude. What is she talking about? An hour and a half? Miss the disco?” cried out Christian.
“You boys weren’t going to that awful concert tonight were you?”
“Of course not,” avowed Leighton. He then pulled Christian from the conversation and made a plea that everything would be fine once they made it back to the van.  

It was too late. The crowd had already swallowed the parked vehicle like a python engulfing its prey. The driver confirmed that he would not be moving until the protesters subsided.

“Man, we are not missing Red Rocks,” professed Christian.
“I know. I know. So what do we do?”
“They said an hour and a half...we walk.”

Can you find the amusement park where Adventure Club stopped? Post a picture of yourself with the front gate sign using hashtag #AdventureClubRedRocks and tagging @EDM & @AdventureClub, then wait for us to <3.

 Clue #2

The sun had fallen below the Rocky Mountains and the moon was the big lilypad nestled amongst a wide open pond of stars. The guys kept their ears low to the protesters’ ramblings as they marched between them. They couldn’t help but feel like a big piece of chicken floating downstream in a school of piranhas. An hour into the trek, Christian broke his silence.

“So what do you know about the show tonight?” he asked a quirky looking middle-aged man marching to his left.

“Oh, it’s just a bunch of kids with no respect for their surroundings. They’ll stay up all night cheering and dancing while the rest of us are wait for the anarchy to cease so that we can sleep,” he said between strides. He held a poster board at the end of a yard stick that read: Save the sleep / Ban the bass and marched with a posture that suggested it was not his first protest.

The guys had followed the crowd down a long stretch of highway 470 and the group’s pace began to wane as they approached their next destination, a pre-historic Colorado attraction.

“What is this?” probed Christian.
“It’s a touristy dinosaur exhibit and our next rally point,” responded the man. “We are almost to the amphitheater. We’ll regroup here, then march on the concert.”

The protesters filled the parking lot in a similiar to fashion to the previous location. As the opening acts of the night’s show played through their sets, Leighton could feel the pulsating beat pounding on his sternum, and he knew they were close. The protesters made an attempt at masking the concert’s noise by beseeching chants at their own rhythm.

“Well. What do we do now?” asked Leighton.
“Let’s just keep down this highway. Traffic is completely blocked and he said we are almost there.”
“I suppose you are right.”

They left the protest behind and faced a caravan of brakelights and disgruntled local travelers.

Can you find the dinosaur attraction where Adventure Club stopped? Post a picture of yourself with the front gate sign using hashtag #AdventureClubRedRocks and tagging @EDM and @adventureclub, then wait for us to <3.

Clue #3

“We’re lost,” asserted Leighton to his Adventure Club comrade.
“We are not.”
“Ok. Ok. Let me call the venue, and I’ll have them come get us.”

The air was still save for Leighton’s voice speaking to the person on the other line. It was then that Christian noticed that he could no longer hear the show’s opening acts. Their sound had been replaced by the low rumble of six cylinder engines at a local racetrack’s starting gate.

“Well. Are they coming?”
“They said roads are blocked in both directions and we overshot the venue by a couple of miles.”
“Sooo where are we?”

Christian extended his arm and pointed off into the distance. His stare connected with cars funneling into a stadium that overlooked a speedway.

“It’s worth a shot,” claimed Leighton.

The guys made their way through the gate and found the box office. They were met by a young lady who was chewing on gum and rolling her eyes at every passing customer. When Christian and Leighton stepped up, her disheartening demeanor immediately thawed.

“We need help,” Leighton pleaded.

Before he could explain the situation, the girl was cheerfully praising the artists between gasps and tears of excitement.

“My friends aren’t going to believe this,” she said while removing her camera phone from her desk drawer. “Wait. My friends are at Red rocks right now trying to see you, but you are here. What are you doing here?”
“We need help,” Leighton reiterated. “We’re lost and we need a ride to the show.”
“Of course. I get off in twenty minutes. Can I come?”
“If you can get us there in fifteen, we’ll let you play the first song.”

She quickly dropped a gate on the ticket window which revealed a sign that read “closed.” She then disclosed to a co-worker that she was feeling ill and rushed out the door. With great haste, the trio rushed to her pale blue American-made sedan and sped out of the parking lot.

The car retraced their steps along Highway 470 as the gentlemen discussed their battle plan for the evening.

Can you find the speedway where Adventure Club stopped? Post a picture of yourself with the front gate sign using hashtag #AdventureClubRedRocks and tagging @EDM and @adventureclub, then wait for us to

Final Clue

The car approached the pedestrian traffic caused by the protest and it appeared Adventure Club was back where they started.

“We’re never going to make it, Christian.”
“I have an idea,” said the girl while reaching for the stereo. She dialed in AC’s Road to Red Rocks Mix and turned the volume up.
“I don’t get it,” expressed Leighton.
“Just wait,” she retorted.

At the first drop, confused glares settled on the car, and the surrounding protesters attempted to distance themselves from the music. Suddenly, the mob broke open and the girl started inching the car forward.

“Never underestimate the power of bass,” she said.

The car pulled into the lot and all three jumped out onto the pavement. Leighton’s phone rang and he stopped on the sidewalk to answer.


It was the venue demanding that they get to the stage immediately. They had stopped in front of a bronze statue of a frontier man holding a large axe. He described their location to the event staff on the line and they were immediately escorted backstage.

It came time for Adventure Club to initiate their set and they walked out to a roaring crowd. They dragged their young driver out to the turntables and Leighton took to the mic.

“There are a lot of people out there that don’t understand us and think we should just be quiet. Well let’s show them that we can’t be silenced. Let’s them how rowdy we can get!” he shouted into the crowd.

The girl stepped up to the table and he grabbed her hand. Together, they dropped the first beat and the real adventure was under way.

Can you find the statue where Adventure Club stopped? Post a picture of yourself with the statue using the hashtag #AdventureClubRedRocks and tagging @EDM and @adventureclub, then wait for us to


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