EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

New High Tech Portable Speakers Sound 20x Their Size

Owning a full-fledged sound system can set you back a pretty penny and take up a lot of space. Nothing beats immaculate sound, but what if a smaller speaker could pack the same punch as a surround sound system? French music tech company Devialet spent ten years developing a portable, powerful speaker. Their hard work has brought us The Phantom, a speaker that rivals stereo systems with large speakers, subwoofers, and amps. 

The Phantom comes in two models, one priced at $1,990 with 750 watts and the Super Phantom, which is priced at $2,390 with 3,000 watts. The spherical speakers get its powerfully crisp and loud sound thanks to innovative ADH Technology. A vacuum enclosed in the speaker mimics subwoofer technology and expends the need for multiple pieces of sound equipment. The speakers go on sale in January 2016. 

Watch The Phantom speaker in action below:

[H/T: TechCrunch]

Cover Photo Credit: Devialet 

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