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Paul van Dyk Makes A Powerful Statement On Peace In The Middle East Through Music

Paul van Dyk holds an important role in the EDM community as one of the founding fathers of trance. As a music pioneer, it’s no wonder that his latest album resonates with fans worldwide. Check out a teaser of The Politics of Dancing 3 below, and then read about the album's positive impact in the Middle East. 

The Politics of Dancing 3 is serving as a statement about peace among nations, particularly in the Middle East. Van Dyk's album brought artists from all over the Middle East together to collaborate, making for a powerful statement about music’s ability to unite in a way politics cannot. The Politics of Dancing 3 is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Beatport. Fans can also stream the album in the Spotify player below...  

This is van Dyk’s 7th studio album to date and features collaborations from Egyptian duo Aly & Fila and Israeli group Las Salinas, as well as Turkish artist Ummet Ozcan and Egyptian producer Mohamed Ragab. The political tensions of these nations would prohibit them from physically crossing territories, but the fact that this gamut of artists are still able to partner together in the name of music speaks volumes.

Creative license in this situation allows for a type of freedom that unfortunately is not always readily available in a region ridden with a history of conflict. Despite proving music's impact, van Dyk describes the political statement as more coincidental than consciously executed. Still, it is a moving testament to the power of PLUR.

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