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Deadmau5 Plays For 100 People At Private Party

As we know from his famous Coffee Run series, EDM superstar deadmau5 has an affinity for the Canadian donut and coffee restaurant Tim Hortons. Turns out, deadmau5 fancies Tim Hortons so much that he performed at a private party organized by the chain, which celebrated the launch of the Creamy Chocolate Chill drink. 

Photo Credit: Sonya Bell


To celebrate the new chocolately drink, the #ChoChill Experience™, deadmau5 came in full mouse helmet attire to spin an exclusive set for this lucky 100-person Toronto crowd.

As Vice reporter Sonya Bell astutely points out, "Any brand would kill for a celebrity endorsement like this." 

Tim Hortons'  Chief Operating Officer David Clanachan told Bell, "He's been a great supporter of Tim's for a long time. It's a cool relationship to have." Clanachan went on to explain that rather than any official sponsorship or spokesperson deal, the relationship is purely out of mutual respect. 

This means that every time Joel Zimmerman snaps a selfie of him hugging a Hortons cup or takes a celebrity to the drive through for his Coffee Run series, it's nothing to do with money and everything to do with love for his favorite coffee brand.  

Check out one of the most-watched Coffee Runs when deadmau5 takes Pharrell Williams to the Tim Hortons drive through... 

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Cover Photo Credit: Sonya Bell

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