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EDM.com Spotlight

Point.Blank Does Major Damage With His 'Dark City' EP

Showcasing one of the sickest, biggest, and most distinct sounds that dubstep has to offer, Point.Blank is no newbie when it comes to making bass music. With EDM undergoing constant criticism from those who feel it exhibits a lack of diversity, it's refreshing to find a musician that isn't afraid to stick to his guns. It's no secret that dubstep-centric EPs have gradually become more and more of a rarity nowadays. That being said, Point.Blank clearly did not get the memo.

Buygore generously provides a friendly boost for the four-track collection, which appears to be one of the first pure dubstep releases on the label in a considerable amount of time. Staying true to his trademark style, this producer's razor-sharp synths and brain-melting bass can be detected throughout the entire Dark City EP. "Whoa" is definitely a personal favorite of mine, but please do not underestimate any of these other hits for a split second. Whether it's the raw brutality of "Blackhawk Helicopter," the hard-hitting rhythms in "Blaze," or the high-speed chase that is "FAST LIFE," this sparkling selection of dubstep tunes are downright magnificent.

The journey has never been easy, but all those countless hours spent in the studio are finally starting to pay dividends for Point.Blank. His Dark City EP is literally just the tip of the iceberg, which should be all the motivation you need to remain focused on all of this musician's future moves.

Pick up a copy of Point.Blank's Dark City EP by clicking here.

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