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EDM.com Spotlight

See What Music Festivals Cost The Most And Make The Most Profit [VIDEO]

Complex magazine evaluated all of the major music festivals in the U.S., including Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Ultra Music Festival, Austin City Limits and more, in order to determine just how much money it takes (and makes). Check out the video below to find out... 

The video includes fun facts like there were 2.1 million festival-goers in 2014, which would be equivalent to the 5th largest city in the world!

ACL and EDC holds the highest attendance record with over 450,000 attendees, that's more people than the cities of Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans. Social media also indicates that music festivals like Warped Tour, Coachella and UMF have Instagram hashtags that appear over 100 million times.

While Woodstock tickets were originally $18, tickets have spiked due to the popularity and massive productions of today's festivals. On average, most general admission music festival tickets go on sale for $200-$400, while VIP tickets range from $700 and beyond. Not only are music festival tickets expensive, but the vendors inside the festival grounds are also a big fraction of your spending costs as the average bottle of water costs $4. 

Music festivals on average generate a total economic impact of $100 million. EDC Las Vegas generated over $322 million in 2014. 


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