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New Study Suggests Certain Music Results In More Productivity

A new study conducted by Carol A. Smith and Larry W. Morris of Middle Tennessee State University suggests that more sedative music, including non-lyrical content, is best for cognitive function and productivity of the brain. While many studies have concluded that music impacts the brain in a variety of ways, this recent study raises the discussion that music without lyrics is what helps the brain focus and accomplish more. 

Iman Ghosh, a student at Knox College, explains why EDM, in particular, helps in trying to focus: “I listen to electronic music like techno, sometimes [I listen to] dubstep, but I only listen to music that is without words and singing, because if there’s words and singing I can’t concentrate.”

According to a 1997 study conducted by Anna Bradley and Adrian Furnham of University College London, lyrics can have various effects depending on the individual listening to the music. The recent studies found that students who listened to their favorite genre of lyrical music tested lower than students who listened to sedative music. Lyrics can be distracting to the brain as they can trigger different emotions and memories, while non-lyrical music remains repetitive and simplistic.

You can read the full study via The Knox Student here

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