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Alesso Credits David Bowie On 'Heroes (We Could Be)' To Avoid A Lawsuit

Swedish producer Alesso has been getting rave reviews for his debut album Forever which was preceded by his single "Heroes (We Could Be)" featuring vocalist Tove Lo.

At first glance, the title of the song may seem to reference David Bowie’s 1977 anthem "Heroes," a song about star-crossed lovers who meet beneath the Berlin Wall. Upon further listening, the two songs bear little resemblance aside from the similar title. Nonetheless, the EDM star has decided to credit the legendary rockstar and his co-writer Brian Eno on the song just to make sure all his bases are covered.

"I just didn't want to get sued. They aren't similar, but we needed protection in case we pissed off Bowie,” Alesso told Britain’s Daily Star Newspaper.

David Bowie’s work in the late 70’s, known as the Berlin Trilogy, has proven highly influential to the development of electronic music. In fact, it would not have be the first time an electronic artist ripped of some of Bowie’s music. Check out the interview below, where Bowie calls out Trent Reznor for subconsciously lifting one of his melodies.

Maybe Alesso should just go on tour with the rock icon instead of fearing his litigious wrath!

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