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EDM.com Spotlight

Tritonal Talks New Album, Single Releases, and Summer Plans

With the recent releases of “Untouchable” and “Lost”, Tritonal has been hitting the studio hard, and it’s paying off. The Texas-based duo, comprised of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, has a new album in the works and just released a remix of pop rock sensation Adam Lambert’s “Ghost Town." For loyal fans, known as “Tritonians,” 2015 is going to be a great year.

“We are 70-75% done with our next artist album,” says Cisneros, who describes the album as melodic and vocally driven. Approaching their writing from a songwriter perspective, Tritonal anticipates releasing an album that is self-described as cohesive, moody, emotional, and uplifting. “We try to write music that means something outside of just the festival or the club,” he adds.

After topping Trance charts in 2011 and 2012, the duo made the crossover to more vocally driven, electro-pop dance tunes, and their recently released singles are no change from that current course.

Tritonal's new release “Ghost Town,” is a track they’ve been testing on the road at festivals and shows. “We took it to a different level that we like to make it a little more aggressive and danceable, “ says Reed, who explains that they have made some major technical changes that will take the track in a darker direction.

“We loved the original actually and that was the struggle. We felt that the original was so strong that we felt like we need to take it in a totally different direction to make a mark on the record,” adds Cisneros.

“Ghost Town” will drop on the heels of their recent release of “Lost” and their Cash Cash collaboration, “Untouchable,” which Reed describes as “something new we haven’t done in quite a bit.”

“There have been a whole bunch of spiritual experiences or learning experiences along the way,” explains Cisneros. Now well-seasoned pros, the duo is able to make musical decisions expeditiously, which might explain why they’ve been able to release so many tracks in such a short amount of time.

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