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EDM.com Spotlight

Festival Promoter Buys Exotic Island To Create New Music And Culture Destination

Sound Channel, the creators of Unknown music festival in Croatia, have unveiled plans to take their festival game to the next level starting summer 2016. The promoters have purchased the Croatian island called Obanjon with the intent of turning the island into the future home of their festival, as well as other artistic cultural events. They didn't hold Unknown in 2015, dedicating their time and resources to preparations for the relaunch in 2016 - on the island.

“Our vision for the island of Obonjan is to regenerate the island and turn it into a truly unique concept, combining art and music, wellness, sustainable living, amazing food and drink and fun and creative accommodation, all on an idyllic island paradise,” says Sound Channel’s Dan Blackledge.

Unknown festival has made a name for itself in the electronic music community, booking big names like Disclosure for their 2014 outing, but the news that they have secured their own party island is now setting them apart. Now, if they can just put Kygo on indefinite retainer we'll really be sold…

Check out the recap video of last year’s Unknown festival...

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