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Dillon Francis Talks High School & Sex, Teases New Charity Campaign [VIDEO]

Dillon Francis recently sat down with 97.1 Amp Radio for a 97-second interview, answering all of his fans' most pressing questions from what makes DJs the best lovers to his days in art school and his worst habit.

Rocking a Joy Division t-shirt, the producer is up to his usual silly antics, even giving us his impression of a teenage girl at one point. Francis covers a range of topics in a short amount of time in this short but funny interview.

Check it out below...

And in other Dillon news, the EDM prankster is continuing his charity kick with a teaser of yet another campaign to raise money for positive change. Shortly after news that his single "Get Low" went gold, the producer challeneged Apple to create a spoon emoji for charity. So the question that needs to be asked now... does Dillon ever sleep?

Check out Dillon with his bee-utiful crew below...

[H/T: Amp]

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