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EDM.com Spotlight

Go Behind The Scenes OF Electric Daisy Carnival [VIDEO]

THUMP recently released a video going behind the scenes of Electric Daisy Carnival to give us true inside look at one of the world’s biggest EDM festivals. The video takes us into EDC’s warehouse at the Las Vegas Speedway as the backstage crew shares what it takes to put together such intricate stages with elaborate production.

Andres Garcia, the director of experience and art creation for EDC says, “We provide an experience in every festival.” He explains, “This is a touring show, it’s not a permanent display...We prepare for two to three weeks, get everything ready...install the stage and all the decoration, and as soon as the festival is done, everything is coming down.”

The crew has to face a variety of challenges from weathering issues to theft and security issues to making sure stages are sturdy enough to support the DJs' constant jumping.

Putting together one of the world’s most explosive festivals comes with its challenges, but the crew that puts it all together emphasizes that it’s all about passion.

“We work here because we’re passionate about it. And personally, my favorite part of all festivals is standing at the gates when they open and seeing people’s reactions,” says Jennifer Forkish, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs.

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below:

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