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Ten of the Greatest #DerpFace Moments in EDM

You know the saying "A picture is worth 1,000 words?" I think a better phrase would be "A picture is worth 100 words, unless someone is using a #DerpFace in which there is no limit to how many words it's worth." Alright, maybe not that long, but you get my point?

EDM is built upon the successes (or failures, depending on how you look at them) of goofballs both onstage and in the crowd, and we aim to cherish each and every beautiful moment that these quirky people have seemingly head-butted into submission with their drool-y alter-egos. Here's ten of the greatest #DerpFace moments in EDM history.

1. That one time Martin Garrix caught crazy feels at Ultra

So picture this: you're onstage in front of tens of thousands of people, the crowd is going absolutely crazy for your track selection, and then just when you're preparing to drop the biggest hit in your set, you catch a whiff of something... something big. We're not exactly sure what the whiff was that Martin Garrix caught that fateful day, but it's safe to say all preconceived attempts at not-derping went right out the window as he stood there looking like David after his trip to the dentist on live TV.

2. That one time twerkers made Dillon Francis go loco

DJ Hanzel, DJ Rich As Fuck, Becky, Greg, Treva, Rave Dad - Dillon Francis has more than a few personalities, and each of them present a different character in the TV show that is his everyday life. However, while on the set for his "Get Low" music video, it's safe to say the real Dillon came out at the 2:35 mark, when the dancers started twerking so hard that both Dillon and DJ Snake's pupils had a ping-pong match between their ears. Maybe they should just change the lyrics to "get low when the whistle derp."

3. That one time... well, every time Zedd takes a photo

Potentially the king of the #DerpFace, Zedd finds a way to destroy almost every single attempt at a serious photo of himself onstage. Don't get me wrong, his mannerisms remind me of a young Russian Jim Carrey - but you'd think after such repeated use that he would forget what an actual smile looked like... Just kidding, we know that's not the case.

4. That one time Skrillex couldn't handle a sandwich

Skrillex, you are, without a doubt, a goofball. Anyone who follows the genre- and haircut-pioneering visionary knows how fun-loving and energetic he is. Although it's hard to pinpoint exactly when this alien-like creature's derp-like traits first surfaced, this photo speaks volumes about the untapped potential that he harnesses. Just look at Ellie Goulding - she can't event contain her acknowledgement of his derp face, although we can all agree that Sean Friday stands as a worthy adversary in the war of derping.

5. That one time when Steve Aoki duck-faced into another dimension

Let's be real, Steve Aoki isn't the most serious dude in the world. He's a DJ, he's a partier, and he enjoys throwing assorted pastries at fans. Catching him in his most derp-faced element during his "No Beef" music video isn't entirely surprising, but it's still one hell of a funny sight. I mean look at him, it's like someone just asked him what his favorite VST/plug-in is...

6. That one time when the bass was just too much

This photo is hands-down the greatest depiction of when the bass hits way too hard - I mean look at them! Homeboy on the left is just barely maintaining consciousness as he attempts to navigate the ethereal dimensions of his mind. Meanwhile, a girl who could be both his sister and his girlfriend is undergoing rigor mortis in real time as she tries to keep her tongue in one place. And then there's the gentleman behind them - I'm not sure whether this guy is mid-evolution into a gargoyle or has his finger shoved right into a light socket, but this guy's derp face could give Little Nicky the confidence to audition for The Bachelor.

7. That one time when the volume was oh-so loud

We've all had to maintain conversation through exaggerated comments and forceful questions at a rave before, but it's very rare for someone to yell just for the sake of yelling. Mr. Slave to the Rave here clearly had one thing on his mind that night - LOUD NOISES. Well, that and he also had some kind of embezzled, glowstick-infused, beret/flatcap on that he undoubtedly utilized to catch the eyes of his soon-to-be-shouted-at prey. Now, he very well could’ve just been asking for a hug, but in that case - who would want a hug from that guy?

8. That one time when the hunger was far too real

Eating before a rave should be a requirement for all, as the night ahead is almost always filled with alcohol, dancing, and whatever other party-enhancing concoctions the kids are into these days. But what happens when you don't get a chance to eat? Well the hunger for derp comes to life, and next thing you know you're halfway through swallowing your fist.

9. That one time when letting go of the feels just wasn't an option

You know that feeling when you're watching your favorite DJ play all of your favorite songs at your favorite festival while surrounded by all of your favorite friends? Pretty emotional, huh? As hard as it is to give up those feelings, it's equally as important to know when to let those feelings go to make way for even stronger ones. For many, this is an easy trait. For others, it can be a life or death situation - especially when gripping a Stafford Brothers-custom inflatable kangaroo at Ultra Music Festival... from the look of that derp, there's no telling how hard the feels were.

10. That one time when dancing cats and a kick to the groin made for the greatest derp face of all time

This very well maybe the greatest derp face of all time. In the Hall of Fame for DerpFace, this man's face lines every corridor and walkway. With such dederpination, it's safe to say there's no going back from this... ever.

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