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EDM.com Spotlight

5 TED Talks Every EDM Fan Needs To Watch

If you've never watched a TED Talk before, you are missing out on one of the most creatively-stimulating, informational series available today. Since its launch in 1984, TED has served as a global platform for intelligent minds to freely spread their research, lessons, mantras and more to the world.

Musicians have provided a handful of powerful TED and TEDx talks via their video series found on their website, and many of them have touched upon the influence of EDM in today's growing music culture. From the power of women in the industry to the early origins of sampling, we've collected five TED Talks every EDM fan needs to see. Watch them in full below:

1) Women, STEM and EDM - DJ Dani Deahl

In this lecture, DJ/producer/journalist Dani Deahl addresses one of the most prevalent issues found not only in EDM, but in many industries around the world - gender inequality. She uses her insight both on and off the decks to debunk a handful of myths within the industry, and she delivers a powerful message to those who seek a career in the field of music: find something you are passionate about, and follow it.

2. An Inside on Electronic Music - Noisia

The illustrious drum & bass trio Noisia have been iconic to the development and growth of not only their genre, but EDM as a whole. Widely-regarded as some of the most tech-savvy production groups in the industry today, two out of three of its members hosted the TEDxRotterdam panel and discussed the process in creating a fully-produced track, along with it's amazing applications in movies, TV and more.

3. How Sampling Transformed Music - Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson may not be a familiar name to most EDM fans, as his particular niche in music heirs more to the hip-hop side of dance culture, but his experiences as a DJ, producer, songwriter and activist have given him an incredible understanding on the history and evolution of music since the early 1990s. In this TED Talk, Ronson explains the influence and importance of sampling in the development of music culture, and addresses a number of issues that samplers face in the industry today.

4. The LHC Remix - Tim Exile

Electronic instrument inventor and DJ Tim Exile shows what happens when the power of science meets the power of music in this Ted Talk. Exile is a composer and inventor of electronic music sounds, and he records sounds from different data centers at the Large Hadron Collider. He then mixes these unique sounds into an auditory journey through synthesizers and space. Around the 11-minute mark, the mix becomes so enthusing that the crowd actually creates a dance floor and puts on their own "rave" at the convention - talk about the power of EDM.

5. Bringing The Lessons Of Burning Man To The World - Julia Wolfe

9-year-old Julia Wolfe leads her TED Talk with an inspiring list of lessons that she learned from her experiences at Burning Man. Her positive and insightful observations about her experiences at the festival apply not only to festival-goers, but to anyone who looks to better their personal life and the lives around them. From the importance of recycling to the need for self-sufficiency, we have a lot to learn from this gifted young mind, and if EDM fans take note, we could see a whole new atmosphere in our scene.

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