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EDM.com Spotlight

David Heartbreak Blends Breakbeat With House In New Single 'Kid N Play'

To describe David Heartbreak's discography as "eccentric, genre-defying, and powerful" would be an understatement, as few artists today are truly able to explore the realm of EDM in their productions as this Brooklyn-based sound engineer. His latest album War Of The Roses was the perfect testament to his capabilities at breaking the norm, and his newest single "Kid N Play" pushes that notion even further.

"Kid N Play" is a house-meets-breakbeat hybrid that delivers a heavy deep sub-bass with a crunching lead synth that will undoubtedly be sliding its way into festival stage performances around the country. David Heartbreak fails to disappoint with each release, and his ability to adapt into the growing trends and styles found in today's scene proves that he is more than a force to be reckoned with. Check out the new single below:

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