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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch As Paper & Ink Are Used To Make Electronic Music [VIDEO]

Electronic music is all about using the latest technological innovations to find new ways to create sounds. The advancement of technology in the last few years has seen some interesting additions to electronic music’s staples of synthesizers, drum machines and samples, but this one really takes the cake (more than an Aoki fan’s face). Ejtechnology is leading the world in creating the most unconventional MIDI controllers, unveiling a prototype for an ink-based device called Liquid MIDI.

How does it work? Conductive ink is screen-printed onto a piece of paper so it can pick up electrical impulses. The device sends a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) message in order to trigger a musical device, such as a synthesizer or a computer program.

This new and completely unexpected electrical instrument is the coolest way to create sci-fi alien soundscapes since the Theremin! See the Liquid MIDI in action in the crazy test performance below...

[H/T: InternetGawker]

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