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EDM.com Spotlight

New Company Combats High Ticket Prices, Offers Unlimited Raves [VIDEO]

A London-based company called ShowMango is seeking to cash in on the Netflix generation by offering a monthly subscription based-service for clubbers located in London. The company was founded by James Kay, a former club promoter who wants to use his industry connections to form a network of clubs that his subscribers can gain entrance to by paying a monthly fee.

“We target the same people as Netflix and Spotify so they are already used to paying monthly for music,” says Kay.

For a reasonable monthly fee that can be compared to the price of an affordable T-shirt, fans will be able to attend as many concerts and DJ nights as they want! That's right, unlimited concerts!

Hear how ShowMango works from the founder firsthand in the video below...

A similar startup has been trying to gain traction in the US. The app, called Jukely, allows users to book up to one concert each day when they sign up for the monthly service.

These startups are just two examples from a long list of innovative models emerging in the music industry as the currently landscape continues to evolve the way fans consume music. Whether the public will embrace these monthly subscription services the way we have with Netflix is unclear, but it’s an interesting new take on a traditional model that, as it stands now, is coming with ever-rising ticket prices.

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