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Dance Music MC Trumps Eminem's World Record For Most Words In A Song [VIDEO]

Eminem proved himself to be a “Rap God” when his song of the same name broke the world record for most words in a single song, clocking in with 1,560 words. Well, now a UK Drum and Bass emcee Harry Shotta has bested Eminem’s record with his song “Animals” by 200 more words, for a total of 1,771 words in six minutes and nine seconds.

According to Shotta, the record has not been made official by Guinness World Records as of yet, but the word count makes it clear that he’s topped the previous entry.

“No disrespect to Eminem at all! This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun,” Shotta quips, “I hope he likes the track and appreciates what we’ve done. It’s all about the art of MCing and pushing it to the next level.”

Check out the official video for Shotta’s record-breaking song below...

Re-listen to Eminem's "Rap God" which still reigns as the world's second most words in a song...

[H/T: UKF & Power105.1]

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