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A Rave Is About To Go Down On The Great Wall Of China [VIDEO]

YinYang Festival in China is preparing for their second annual edition, returning to China’s most famous landmark. The festival had previously hosted their debut on the Great Wall of China in 2014. To ensure that no damage is caused to the historical structure, YinYang is limiting their event to just 2,000 tickets, but the organizers don’t see this as a bad thing.

In their own words, “Organizing a high quality festival limited to 2000 people where everyone has space to dance and enjoy, is more important than selling many tickets to make more money.”

YinYang festival puts emphasis on hosting the Chinese underground of electronic music, and is set to feature 50 of China’s best DJs and international headliners such as Juno Reactor, Sulumi, Kamara, Frits Wentink and Adam Swain.

Referencing their namesake, the festival organizer’s state “YinYang refers to how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary. Our interpretation of this is the cultural diversity between the east and west and will have a nice fusion of both during the festival.”

The festival will span three days, from June 20-22. If the crowd can pack enough glow sticks, maybe this rave will be able to be seen from space! Check out the aftermovie from the debut YinYang Festival on the Great Wall of China:

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