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EDM.com Spotlight

Martin Garrix Reveals He's Producing Music Under Different Aliases

In a recent interview with Spin, Martin Garrix shares a side of himself we've never seen. Garrix revealed that he is anonymously releasing other music.

When a discussion about a Hip Hop track led to the question of whether he would want to work with any rappers, Garrix mentions that he often finds hip hop inspiring, and that he has already hit the studio with a couple of undisclosed rappers.

“I produce this kind of stuff but not under [the Martin Garrix name]. It’s just some stuff that I work on the side just for fun.”

Elaborating, Garrix shared that he has a few mystery side projects that he says he hopes will eventually see the light of day. However, fans won’t know it’s his music right away, because the producer is hesitant to reveal himself on these projects, at least for now. He'd rather see them grow organically.

"So you want it to get popular and then you can take credit for it after the fact?" asked Spin reporter Andrew Unterberger.

"Yeah. That would be cool," Garrix said.

Moving from his musical future to his musical past, Garrix goes on to share some more interesting facts about himself that fans may not know about the EDM wunderkid.

“I’ve been raised in a very musical family,” he says. “My dad played the guitar and my mom plays the piano, crazy Beethoven and all that stuff.”

The young producer says his sister plays violin and piano as well, and that he played Flamenco-style Spanish guitar growing up. Despite his background, Garrix was not expecting to see such explosive success. Balancing a role as an EDM phenomenon while you're still in high school is ... well, a little awkward.

“When 'Animals' was released, I still had one year left in school so it was like super weird. I had number one in the U.K. and I would still go to school five days a week.”

He says that his school was understanding however, and that they worked around his touring schedule so that he could continue in school and still pursue his music career.

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