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EDM.com Spotlight

7-Year-Old Bonnaroo Celebrity Breaks High Five World Record

A new mini-hero has risen at Bonnaroo Music Festival, inspiring festival-goers around the world after breaking the record for most high fives received in a single hour. This high fiving 7-year-old was all about spreading the good vibes at 'Roo 2015. The new world record holder achieved an impressive 2,932 high fives in just 60 minutes. But that's not all he's famous for...

The boy who exchanged all those fives on Friday at Bonnaroo is named Squish, and he's risen to something of a celebrity at the festival. Squish had previously gained attention at the festival for being brought on stage alongside Haim, as well as for shaving his mom’s head in order to get the festival to book one of his favorite artists, Bernhoft.

This determined little guy even trained with his mom prior to the festival. According the high five record rules, each high five must be recorded above the head. This wasn't going to hold Squish back. The little high-fiver stood on a platform and beat the previous record, set in India in 2012, by 751 more high fives.

Congratulations, Squish! Keep up the good PLUR!

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