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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Must-See Exotic Dance Music Festival Locations

Music is more that just a collection of sounds: it's a mood, it's an experience, and it's a destination. It can serve as a vessel to deliver emotions and memories, and it can take us to different states of being, both metaphorically and physically.

Today, there is an incredible (and growing) number of exotic locations that EDM can be found, especially in the realm of festival culture. From South America to Europe to Fiji, we've collected 10 of the most exotic festivals for every EDM.

1. Balaton Sound Festival - Zamárdi, Hungary

Location: Zamárdi, Hungary
Length: 4 days
Style of Music: All types of house, hip-hop, future bass
Why you should go there: Balaton festival boasts a 20-hour schedule each day, along with an unparalleled number of restaurants, stores and other accoutrements.

Photo by Sándor Csudai

2. BPM Festival - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Location: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Length: 10 days
Style of music: Techno, tech house, deep house
Why you should go there: With other 150 artists from around the world performing over the course of a week every January, BPM Festival is the Ibiza of the Western Hemisphere.

3. Calvi On The Rocks - Corsica, France

Location: Corsica, France
Length: 5 Days
Style of music: Live bands, all styles of EDM
Why you should go there: Between the crazy lineup and even crazier boat parties, five days on the island of Corsica is the ultimate European escape from reality.

4. Dimensions Festival - Pula, Croatia

Location: Pula, Croatia
Length: 4 days
Style of music: All forms of underground EDM
Why you should go there: The 4-day festival serves as a "pre-party" for Outlook Festival, and some of its venues include a fortress and a cave

5. Earth Frequency Festival - Ivory's Rock, Queensland

Location: Ivory's Rock, Queensland, Australia
Length: 3 days
Style of music: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Experimental, Psytrance, House
Why you should go there: Located in the depths of the woods in Queensland, the festival promotes community, nature and a diverse array of activities and entertainment from visual artists to yoga and more.

6. Envision Festival - Uvita, Costa Rica

Location: Uvita, Costa Rica
Length: 3 days
Style of music: Tech House, Experimental, Future Bass, Dubstep, Glitch-Hop,
Why you should go there: The festival is entirely eco-friendly and located on the beach of Costa Rica - what's not to love?

Photo by Kyle Pikus

7. Hideout Festival - Novalja, Croatia

Location: Novalja, Croatia
Length: 4 days
Style of music: Tech house, Deep house, Techno
Why you should go there: Whether you're partying on the beach, on the mainland or on the side of a cliff, the beautiful scenery adds to the festival's other-worldly atmosphere

8. Monegros Desert Festival - Finca Les Peñetes, Spain

Location: Finca Les Peñetes, Spain
Length: 2 days
Style of music: All types of EDM
Why you should go there: Top notch DJs such as Skrillex, Boys Noize and more have come to festival, and the desert atmosphere provides a one in a lifetime experience for many

9. The Day After Festival

Location: Panama City, Panama
Length: 2 days
Style of music: All types of EDM
Why you should go there: Panama City's EDM scene is growing at a hastened rate, and it's allowing for major artists to bring their unique finesse to the historic Central American city.

10. Your Paradise - Fiji

Location: Islands of Plantation, Malolo Lailai & Little Malolo
Length: 5 days
Style of music: Deep house, trap, future bass
Why you should go there: These islands boasts waterfalls, jungles and a wildlife that is unseen on other islands - in addition to this, it's host to a festival entirely focused on tropical vibes.

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