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Calvin Harris And Hardwell Make Their Big Screen Debuts

A few weeks back, the first official trailer for the upcoming EDM movie "We Are Your Friends" hit the internet, proving that Hollywood was ready to tackle the EDM movement in a major summer film. But Hollywood is further proving its willingness to embrace the expanding dance culture at large, with some of the top DJs in the world, Calvin Harris and Hardwell, making their way into the Hollywood film scene.

Calvin Harris landed himself an acting role in the new "Entourage" movie, a continuation of the TV series of the same name. The popular DJ plays a role based on himself in a film within the film, and his success in American club culture helped to inspire a huge part of the film's plot, as Director Doug Ellin explained to Daily Record.

“He was the only choice for that part and we came up with the whole DJ idea when a friend said she knew him, so we thought it would be great to have him in the movie . . . it gave great credibility to the whole movie inside the movie and that DJ world."

Check out the full trailer below...

Hardwell is also making his debut into the film world, landing a voiceover role in the upcoming "Despicable Me" spinoff "Minions."

I actually just fulfilled one of the things on my bucket list in Holland. You know that the new 'Minions' film is coming out, right? I did one of the voices for one of the characters in Dutch, in the Dutch version of the movie. Being a voice actor, I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I play Walter Jr., he’s one of the guys on the big criminal tour, one of the criminals in the movie.

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