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You Won't Believe What The World's Most Expensive Festival Package Gets You

Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival made headlines a few weeks back when they unveiled their plans to host the world’s first festival within a glacier. But Secret Solstice isn’t content with having just one outrageous event. They are again outdoing themselves, rolling out the world’s most expensive festival pass at $200,000.

The ridiculously luxurious package includes first class flights to anywhere in the world, a five night stay at a five bedroom villa located in Reykjavík, Iceland where the Secret Solstice festival is taking place, and helicopter rides to taxi the ticket holders wherever they please. A 100-foot yacht party, private chef service, and lunch inside an inactive volcano are also included in the package.

The ticket holders will also be provided with a private concert from one of the festival’s headliners, free drinks for the duration of their stay, and full access to everything the festival has to offer (including the glacier concert), as well as other perks that can be made available to interested buyers upon request. Only two of these epic, ultra luxurious (and ultra expensive) passes are available, so you better hurry and find the richest festival-goer in

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