EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Are YOU a Rebel?

From the Underground to the Mainstream, A Rebel's Story

As a platform that blossomed in the heart of the underground and grew to prominence alongside the success of over a thousand talented artists, EDM.com is incredibly proud to present the first episode of Rebel Radio.

With Josh Levine - former music journalist, artist manager, and CEO of boutique marketing consultancy Rebel Industries - at the helm, Rebel Radio aims to explore the notion that all culture starts in the underground, and that underground influences continuously spawn new mainstream movements.

All too often, we hear fans disparaging styles of music for becoming 'too mainstream', or alternatively, on certain artists and sounds for being ‘too underground’. Rebel Radio celebrates the rebels on both sides of this spectrum, highlighting their innovation, entrepreneurship, and burning need for self-expression in such a way as to shape the consciousness of young America, and the world at large.

Each week, Rebel Radio will explore the journeys of those who do it best in all areas of youth culture. We learn how they stay creative in the face of relentless distractions and setbacks, how they find inspiration and influence, as well as how they inspire and influence others. Each episode provides insights into the essence of entrepreneurship, of taking control of one’s own destiny, and of building businesses and legacies against all odds.

As the first guest, we bring you Dennis White, best known as Static Revenger. White emerged from the Detroit Techno underground and has achieved what most artists only dream of - 3.5 million records sold, seven #1 Billboard Club Chart remixes for artists ranging from Swedish House Mafia to Madonna, and two platinum selling records, “I Like That” and “Happy People”. A Rebel in every sense of the word, Static Revenger shares his story, and what a story it is!

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