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EDM.com Spotlight

Step Inside The Fairy Tale With This Epic Short Film Of Tomorrowland Brasil [VIDEO]

A new short film by Elite Daily in conjunction with T-Mobile documents the magic of Tomorrowland Brasil from the perspective of a young woman who made the journey to Sao Paolo. Narrated by the young women, the short film gives us a glimpse into her life at home as she explains the unique experience of stepping outside her everyday life to journey into Tomorrowland.

"People were creating their own realities like a collective," she says, recounting her memories of the unforgettable event. "And you had that feeling like you are a part of something bigger, and that feeling you won't forget in the land of tomorrow." A sudden jump cut sends us into that world, as the lights, the crowd, and the music take over our senses. Fireworks soar into the sky, acrobats fly across the stage, and the beautiful crowds of people move in unison to the sounds of Tomorrowland.

Watch the short film in full below...

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